Obama and Holder Using ‘Fast and Furious’ for Gun Grab

International Association for the Protection of
Civilian Arms Rights

It is now official—


There are 120 U.S. House members who have signed, indicating they have either publicly insisted on Eric Holder’s resignation or have conveyed a NO CONFIDENCE in his job performance via a formal House resolution, or both.

Nearly ONE-HALF of the Republican caucus has also expressed the same outcome.  There are three United States Senators who have called for the Attorney General’s resignation:  Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and James Inhofe of Oklahoma.  Joining their ranks are two sitting governors who want Eric Holder GONE—Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Rick Perry of Texas.

All major Republican candidates for president have also pushed for Holder’s resignation.

Yet, the beat goes on!

The stonewalling continues!

The liberal media continues not to report on Fast and Furious with any concern!

Barack Obama received a letter last June from 31 HOUSE DEMOCRATS asking him to order Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to comply with the congressional investigation and requests of documents having to do with the scandal.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s sixth Congressional appearance on the important matter last month again showed that the Attorney General LIED TO CONGRESS UNDER OATH!

Contempt of Congress and perjury charges should be filed!

Operation Fast and Furious was planned and executed to make the case for gun control laws by manufacturing an international gun running crisis as an excuse to pass Obama’s United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

This is an outrage!

Will you join us in calling for Eric Holder to resign and be prosecuted for these crimes?

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has subpoenaed 80,000 pages worth of documents from the Department of Justice.  Under Eric Holder’s direction, only 7,000 documents have been received by the committee.  LESS THAN 10%!  However, the DOJ’s “Inspector General” has received all the documents!

Yes, the nation’s highest law enforcement person is thumbing his nose at Congress!

Holder has not given any legal reason to withhold the documents!

Of course his “commander-in-chief,” Barack Obama, has “full confidence” in his top-rated minion.  This is sickening.

Murdered federal Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family has waited for true justice.  In fact, they have had to file a lawsuit to try to get answers!

Will the Obama administration ever be accountable for this gross injustice?

Will Eric Holder ever offer a real apology to the Terry family, Mexico, and the American Public?

Will Eric Holder ever own up to the fact that Fast and Furious actually killed a lot of people and was his fault? 

According to The Daily Caller, “Allegations are now surfacing that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata was also murdered with weapons the Obama administration allowed to ‘walk’ into the hands of drug cartel members.”

Patriotic Americans have literally “had enough.”  THE TIME IS NOW—ERIC HOLDER MUST GO AND THERE MUST BE A FULL INVESTIGATION!  While mainstream media seem to ignore this ongoing story, we want the whole truth…and nothing but the truth!

The Terry family especially deserves answers as to why their son had to die for this twisted game Obama and Holder are playing.

NO ONE should ever LIE under oath to the United States Congress—especially the number one law enforcement person in America!

This is a disgrace.

I only have one question to ask AG Eric Holder:  Sir, do you have any honor at all?

It has already been proven through Department of Justice emails that he knew about the murder of Agent Brian Terry MONTHS before he claimed to have any knowledge of the operation!  That is perjury.  He lied to the United States Congress.

Yet, in many cases, the people who have been lied to – our elected officials in Congress – THREE-FOURTHS are seemingly holding back from taking direct action to get to truth and justice!  That’s why your action so very important!

While Mr. Obama is busy apologizing to the Afghan people, what about the 300-plus deaths directly traced to the OBAMA/HOLDER Fast and Furious plan?  What about the nearly 2,000 who have been wounded thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder?

When will that apology come?

Rep. Darrell Issa believes: “(The Department of) Justice has blood on their hands.”  He also affirms that the Attorney General owes an apology to Mexico!

When will the Terry family personal apology occur?

You know, it really doesn’t have too much meaning when someone says on national television during a congressional committee meeting that “it was a shame.”

The bottom line:  Attorney General Eric Holder needs to be fired!

Monty Wilkinson, Eric Holder’s former deputy chief of staff, communicated to Dennis Burke, now-former Arizona U.S. Attorney General at 10:04 a.m., December 15, 2010: “I’ve alerted the AG (Holder)…” in reference to Agent Terry’s death!  Within 24 hours of the shooting of Agent Terry – 15 LONG MONTHS AGO – Eric Holder knew.  Yet, Holder testified it was sometime in the Spring of 2011.  Lies…lies…lies!

This disaster was not just “swept under the rug,” 90% of the documented evidence has been WITHHELD FROM OUR U.S. CONGRESS! 

Even Democrat Rep. John Dingell of Michigan is bewildered over this tragedy. As the Congressman for Agent Terry’s family he stated: “Operation Fast and Furious was grossly irresponsible.  Over the years, I have been a harsh critic of ATF.  It is clear in my mind that ‘gun-walking’ tactics are illogical and should never have been used.  I was outraged the day I learned about this behavior, and I am still outraged to this day.”

“The fact that a constituent of mine, Agent Brian Terry, was killed in the line of duty because of this gross negligence on behalf of ATF makes this situation even more serious.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) adds: “I find it very troubling that Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have not been more forthcoming with information regarding this failed gun walking operation and at times seems to have contradicted what appears to be factual evidence.

“The Attorney General should provide more clarity on this issue to alleviate the concerns that are clouding over the Justice Department.  That is why I fully support the House Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary Committees’ continued investigations into this important issue.”

Quite frankly, we need Darrell Issa and other Congressman to “pull the trigger” and charge Eric Holder with “CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS.”  Will you help to expose the Attorney General to those Congressmen who have not called for his resignation?!

The time for “bobbing and weaving” like a professional boxer by Eric Holder in front of the congressional oversight committee is OVER!

Americans want the truth!

This fast and furious sham could also play a key issue with voters in November. 

Eric Holder and Barack Obama must come clean on the entire matter.  But will they?  I doubt it!  The most ANTI-GUN President and Attorney General to ever hold those positions—will never admit to doing anything wrong.

NOW— here is the other “downside” of this entire infamous affair!

Here is the sinister motive of Barack Obama on utilizing Fast and Furious to HIS benefit…..

Obama and Holder will use their own failed Fast and Furious gun-walking operation—to push for INTERNATIONAL GUN CONTROL by the United Nations!  That’s right; they will use their own failed operation to say that guns need to be more controlled—even by the United Nations.  Barack Obama . . . Eric Holder . . . and the United Nations want to REGISTER your guns and eliminate YOUR Second Amendment right to own a gun.  Remember, this is YOUR freedom guaranteed by our own United States Constitution!

Don’t let lies and Holder’s attempted cover-up of Fast and Furious be used to TAKE AWAY your gun rights!

Mr. Obama needs to FIRE Eric Holder right now!  Or—

The Attorney General must RESIGN…NOW!

Will you please help us to finalize this grass-roots campaign to rid our nation of one who lies and tries to take away our freedom?

Eric Holder has committed several criminal acts!  The American people will not put up with lying to Congress.  “Contempt of Congress” must happen.  Better still, Eric Holder must resign!


Philip Watson
Executive Director
International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights

P.S. Remember, it has already been proven that he KNEW about Fast and Furious way before he said he did; which means he lied to the American people—you and me!  Please insist to Congress that Eric Holder must resign!